I now have S3 Pets and it's absolutely amazing (I just need a better computer ASAP)
Since my computer is being rather difficult, I'm currently not getting that much playing time as I'd like, but I still get to create a lot of lovely faces.
Meet Aloysius, he's a doctor, photographer and he adores his foal Charles.

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//S3 Pets is on its way.
I am so excited.

A very intelligent man, who seems to enjoy wearing his suit everywhere. He's like a geek with class, and I love him.

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//Port school & Rocky
Here's the school I've been working on in Port (My custom neighborhood where practically everything is made  by me)

I can't decide whether or not I want to decorate every room accordingly. 

Say hello to Rocky, who is one of Port's residents (Who I can't really play at the moment but he's lovely)

//The Jackson Legacy A.1
Whee! So we're back with Jack (Oh how much joy it brings me just by the fact that that rhymes) and I derped and forgot to tell you what his traits and whatnot were.

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//The Jackson Legacy A.0
Squee. I thought it would be fun to start up a legacy. So I trundled on over to modthesims and found a legacy thread and here are my stats that I rolled for rules/whatnot for this legacy:

A. Martial Structure:
5-9) Couple - You must obtain a spouse or unmarried partner.
B. Number of children:
9) 4
C. Primary Income:
1-10) Standard Career
C1. Standard Career:
Music (Classical)
D: Secondary Income:
12-17)Part time job
E. Generation Goal:
4) Fulfilled - Both your heir and their spouse must obtain their LTW.

So my updates are going to be short and sweet (maybe longer if I feel like it) and I don't plan on rushing.

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//Cleaning frenzy.
I've been on a cleaning frenzy cleaning my room and rehousing axolotls, along with cleaning every aquarium in the house. My brain may burst at any given moment. I think this is a good time to sim? Yes? Any time is a good time, right!? xD


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So I delved into Bridgeport while building my other neighborhood (And gods it runs so slow with the high rised buildings but oh well!)

Meet Callus.

My new livejournal and simming community username.
So it's me, formerly known as d0z0 
I've missed you guys, and I'm back full force in the simming community, currently planning out my own sims 3 town. 
Pictures and whatnot to come! I will friend you back if I know you.


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